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I am a life coach who has worked with hundreds of people just like you, going through relationship troubles and feeling like you’re feeling now— at the end of your rope, hopeless, and discouraged.

But before I was a life coach, I was you. I was a hard-working husband and father. I thought I was winning at marriage, until one day, my wife suggested we needed to seek counsel. I was shocked but realized that while I was showing up for my marriage and kids by the measure of achievements and transactions, I was not showing up in how my wife needed me to feel present and alive together.

Through our journey back to joy, I learned that relationship skills could be learned. Transformational truths changed my life and our marriage. And you, too, can apply these tools to your relationship. They will certainly reignite the passion you once shared and prepare you both for the exciting journey ahead.


God created marriage to be a joyful, passionate, exciting lifelong commitment to one another. It is meant to grow deeper and stronger, and anyone can learn a powerful tool I equip partners with— the Love & Harmony Formula. When you apply this formula to your relationship, it will certainly reignite the passion you once shared and prepare you both for the exciting journey ahead.

Because of our innate differences, women and men are biologically, physically, and spiritually wired very differently. These differences are meant to drive magnetism and create a balance of feminine and masculine energies.

When you can begin to look inward for alignment instead of outward for blame, you’ll start showing up as the best version of yourself, which will bring out the best in your partner.

Rekindle the Spark. Restore Hope. Rediscover your Relationship. Life Coaching to Thrive in Love & Harmony.

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